About the Writer PKDS!

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Patrick Silveira, creative, planner and photographer from Brazil. Since 2010 I work with personal projects and freelance through my company Context Brazil.

Almost 30 years old (I’ll have to update this later…), 12 or so living between Brazil, Portugal, Sweden and Spain, with shorter term passages in Bolivia and Angola. Since always trying to make sense of these different cultures and experiences, this is my blog where I will try to discuss and present ideas and observations on the many things I think, see, imagine, question.

So, in the beginning, while it takes a form I will try a little bit of everything, prototyping ideias and subjects to see what connects better with the readers. PS: I’m a native Portuguese speaker, don’t botter with errors, I always work to correct my writings, but you know sometimes things pass unnoticed…  

I'm also an amateur photographer

Something I take very seriously

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